We are proud to offer a variety of services that simply making doing business with us easier. Whether it is our flexible financing options, our technology integration capabilities, or our logistics operations, we offer solutions to compliment our rich line of products and sales experience that help you focus on your business. Read below to see some of the ways our services can help you.

Sales & Marketing

Corporate/Branding Programs

Take advantage of skilled marketing and branding professionals to help you position your business or product offering. Launch a new corporate identity or develop private label products to diversify your offering.

Customer Care Center

Call us toll-free at 1-800-232-3475 and press 1 to speak with a live customer care individual from 8:30am to 6:30pm ET.

No End-Users

Digital Storage sells to resellers only. As a true wholesaler, we will not sell to end-users. And, we don't have any other division of our company competing with you for your customers.

Value-Added Services

Barcode Labeling

We provide media barcode and barcode labeling services to our customers. You can purchase your media, have it labeled and delivered to your customer all in one day. Click here to learn more.

Custom Services

We provide custom printing on storage devices such as USB keys and other devices that can be used as promotional items.

For more information please call 1-800-232-3475.

Financial Services

Credit Card Orders

Resellers may use Visa and MasterCard for purchases at the time of order. (Digital Storage charges a 3% fee if sales with net terms are paid by credit card.)

Low Minimum Order Quantity

As you know, processing small orders can be a drain on operational expenses. But small orders are often needed to satisfy customers. Our $3.95 minimum order charge for orders under $50 is significantly less than other wholesalers.

Joint Purchase Orders

Utilize the Digital Storage flexible joint purchase order option to help support your credit line. Simply combine end-user PO's with yours to demonstrate total buying power. Resellers must complete a joint purchase order form to be eligible.

Open Account

New customer applications are processed in three business days. Click here to learn more about the application process.

Special Orders

Digital Storage is eager to help you with special orders and does not require prepayment. However, special orders are non-cancelable, non-returnable and are subject to regular credit approval.

Flooring Options

We provide flexible financing methods such as flooring to help our resellers handle large or complex opportunites. Our flooring partner is De Lage Landen.

Invoicing Options

To simplify processing, customers can receive invoices by a variety of methods including mail, email, EDI, and online.

Distribution & Logistics Services

Same Day Shipping

All stocked ground and air orders received by 5:00PM EST will ship the same day.


Take advantage of drop-shipments to your customers at no additional cost. We recognize that drop-shipments are a true reflection of your company and work hard to make sure each shipment is accurate and secure.

Drop-Shipments Directly from the Manufacturer

Save time by having Digital Storage arrange drop-shipments to be sent directly from the manufacturer to your business location.

Private Label Delivery

Drop-Ship products directly from Digital Storage to your customers using labels and packing information that look like your own. We will use your logo and address information to make each drop-shipment look like it was sent directly from you.

Customized E-mail Notification of Shipments

Notification of Shipments will be sent to your company representative via e-mail upon shipment. Notification will include shipment information including tracking number and freight charges.

Quality Packaging

All packages are sent in heavy-duty boxes and include environmentally friendly shipping materials.

Returns Processing

All eligible RMA's will be processed within 24 hours.

Global Fulfillment

International customers can arrange for seamless logistics support anywhere around the globe.

Will Call

Visit the Digital Storage distribution center during regular business hours to receive your order.

Technology Services


Electronic Data Interchange provides significant value and benefits to resellers in the reduction of transaction costs and a more tightly integrated supply chain. Our EDI documents cover the entire order process including orders, order confirmations, advanced shipping notices, invoices, and pricing/availability.


The true value of XML lies in the reduction of transaction costs and the relatively low barriers to entry that you might find with EDI. Our XML offering allows for order submission, pricing/availability requests, and order status.

Data Files

We can provide custom files containing pricing, inventory, and order history that can be delivered by e-mailed or ftp to you daily, weekly or monthly.

Product Data

We provide content for our full product catalog which consists of product images, brochures, and detailed specifications to our resellers. By integrating this content into websites, systems, catalogs, or other places, resellers and end users are enabled to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Web Site Access

Gain quick access to product information, sales tools, and all kinds of resources to help your company improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs. Our website contains quick and easy access to all of the following:

    • Online Ordering
    • Order History & Tracking
    • Filtered Search
    • Industry News
    • Product Information
    • Downloadable Order History & Reporting

Contact your sales representative today to begin taking advantage of all these online features.